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Results of the 1st Fun Archery Tournament





Sarah Highest Point Highest score  - target round
Nancy Trick Shot The person with the arrow that took the most devious route towards the target
Andre Bird Brain The person who shot the turkey nearest the head during the 3D round
Sarah (again) Bear Bottom The person who shot the bear in the butt during the 3D round
Donna Howling Good Time The person who shot the wolf in the butt during the 3D round
Lori Absolutely Paw-fect The person who shot the bear in the leg during the 3D round
Spencer The Buck Stops Here The person who shot the deer during the 3D round
Ben Backstop Tester The person who hit the backstop the most during the target round
Jackson 3D Hunter The person who shot the most 3D targets
Ashleigh Oh! THAT target The person who shot the wrong target 

Brits Vs Aussies "Ashes" Challenge

Ok, you kinda have to be a Brit or and Aussie and understand Cricket (ball game, not the insect).  Donna (the Brit) and Ben (the Aussie) had a shoot out to see who wins the Ashes Trophy complete with a box of ashes. Click here to read about the history of event.

Ashes 2



Ashes Trophy

And the winner is.... Australia!!!!! Again


The next novelty tournament will be the New Years Day Novelty & Turkey shoot.  A chance to make a bit of pocket change during the balloon round. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to register or for more information. 


Coming Events

Annual Kids Christmas Party - Dec 17th

Dec 18 - Noon - Annual Family Potluck Lunch (bring snacks or apps)

Academy is closed from Dec 21st to January 2nd

New Years Day Novelty and Turkey Archery Tournament Jan. 1st @ 1:00PM

Next Beginner Archery Classes Begins January 28th

Beginning January 28, 2023 and running three classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00 to 6:00PM. These classes will introduce the students 12 and up, to archery.  These classes include shooting practice (11 steps to consistent shooting)  as well as some theory (range rules, choosing equipment and analysis of errant arrows). Some games are included to increase focus.  Equipment is available to be rented for the duration of the course. 

Open shoots are available on Sundays, from 9 to 11AM starting Jan 29th, 2023. Cost is $80 for 8 consecutive weeks.

Dojo RangeBows

Indoor Archery Range                               Rental Bows


Who Are We?

3 Fires Martial Arts Academy is a volunteer-run registered non-profit corporation . Our mission is to provide safe affordable physical training for North Bay and district. Our services include Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Weapon Arts programs as well as Instructor Training and Junior Leadership Programs.

Our out-reach programs provide physical education support to the school boards. As part of the physical education, we offer an Anti-bullying course based on the internationally recognized program Martial Artists Against Bullying.

Our Volunteers

  • All of our members are also our volunteers starting with the students who are responsible for sanitizing the mats each day - in traditional martial arts process (Soji) that shows respect to the training area.
  • In order to support our youth and senior programs some of our volunteers work at bingo 40 hours a month to bring in much needed funds so that our youth and senior members can have affordable high quality training. 
  • Of course we maintain a clean and organized environment thanks again to our volunteers.  Our volunteers also help local schools by running exercise and self-defence programs. 
  • This same service is extended to reserves such as Bear Island and Nbisiing.

Miigwetch to our volunteers - the unsung heros!


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